Blowbox TWIN


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When I have time, I will occasionally build a Blowbox for stock. These are all-new units with test time only. Available on a first-come basis only 🙂

This video depicts test unit without its included dual aluminum outflow tubes w/ reducers/accelerators (shown below)

Blowbox TWIN (Blue Case) 

The Blowbox TWIN does everything the original Frankencooler does, only better. Complete separation of incoming hot air and ice/water provides the coldest temperature differential possible, and the small head unit can be used remotely.

In addition to coming with a 12′ long 12v power plug cord, this TWIN is equipped with a battery box that can accommodate any of our Bioenno power cells

All Blowboxes require a separate soft or hard-sided cooler for ice/water supply. While this unit can be permanently mounted to the top of any medium to large hard-sided cooler creating an all-in-one unit, it can also be used remotely up to 4′ away from ice water source if needed.

Note: Battery box is mounted on top of the lid (see photos below), not countersunk as is portrayed in the video of this prototype

  • Nearly indestructible thick plastic case
  • Dual 200 CFM rated blowers
  • High flow marine pump with 4′ umbilical tubing allowing remote placement
  • Multiple heat exchangers
  • Quick-connect hose fittings
  • Digital, stepless blower speed controller
  • Illuminated switch
  • 12′ 12V power plug cord
  • The large watertight battery box accommodates any Bioenno power cell we offer.
  • Dual semi-rigid aluminum outflow tubes with air accelerators (shown below)
  • 30 days warranty on parts
  • Thoroughly tested – guaranteed non-DOA
  • Total current draw: pump & dual blowers: 7.5 amps