Bioenno Power 12 Volt Lithium Iron Phosphate
(LiFe P04) Power Cells From Frankencooler

$12 flat rate shipping anywhere in the continental US!

Bioenno 12V LFP Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries from Frankencooler feature unbeatable performance at a reasonable price. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • The entire Bioenno battery range comes with built-in protection-circuit-modules (PCM) micro-computers that internally balanced cells and confer protection including from overcharge, over-discharge and short-circuiting.
  • A Bioenno Power battery is thermally and chemically stable
  • A Bioenno Power battery is dependable and reliable without the possibility of lithium fires
  • A Bioenno Power battery is 50% to 70% lighter than a traditional SLA (sealed lead acid) battery
  • A Bioenno Power battery allows for extraction of >80-90% of the rated capacity, whereas an SLA battery only allows for 50% of the rated capacity
  • A Bioenno Power product has a service life of 2000+ charge cycles at 5-10+ years with a shelf life that far exceeds the service life of many other batteries

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