Frankencooler AIR With Wireless Remote

I completed a wireless remote-controlled AIR single blower cooler a couple weeks ago. It is equipped with a super high quality 4.5Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) power cell. The wireless remote works great with a range of over 20′ and the battery and module only adds around a pound to this lightweight unit.

The only thing I am still playing with is fan speed. With no step-down, the blower runs at full speed (tons of airflow but fairly loud), so I am experimenting with varying epoxy-encapsulated voltage reducers to find a good compromise between airflow and noise.

I plan on making a video of cooling and duration tests of both AIR coolers when I have some free time in the near future.

In response to requests, I am still considering selling completed AIR units if I can do so at a reasonable profit (ie: building one in hours versus days) – we’ll see.

AIR Remote 1   AIR Remote 2

Extreme Temperature Test

Testing my ice chest air conditioner on a hot, humid day over a period of 7 hours.

Notes: The cooler was holding 35 lbs of ice and one gallon of water.
The actual outdoor temperature in the shade according to my infrared thermometer was 105 degrees (temp sensor under intake grill was in direct sun for a period, indicating 111). Humidity was 70% average.
The cooler was not moved or opened during the test. The camera was removed from the tripod and brought inside between takes.

Ultimate Frankencooler

My Frankencooler design taken to the next level with the finest all-copper radiators I could find, a massive lithium iron phosphate power cell, better insulation, and revised plumbing.

But does spending twice as much money equate to dramatically better performance?

At least as far as the radiators go, not really. My original design’s lightweight and affordable components cool nearly the same for many hundreds of dollars less.

Nevertheless, this cooler incorporates some significant improvements and my Frankencooler Build Plans have been updated to reflect some of these changes.

Ice Chest Air Conditioners – What Works And What Doesn’t

Introducing Frankencooler


  • Patent pending design
  • Totally self-contained and portable – no external power needed
  • 18-volt lithium-ion battery w/state-of-charge indicator
  • Two flexible cold air ducts
  • Three individual water to air heat exchangers
  • Twin high-pressure fans
  • Infinitely variable fan speed control
  • Marine pump – underdriven for durability and power savings
  • Cooling ice and water insulated from incoming air for maximum cooling duration
  • Coleman cooler features wheels, pull handle and drain valve
  • Average run time at optimum 50% fan speed: 1.5 – 1.75 hrs.
  • 30º – 55° temperature differential (outgoing to incoming air)
  • Additional batteries available for under $40
  • Hideous looks, awesome performance – proven in the desert by Arizona Cardinals tailgaters

Build your own Frankencooler – plans and parts are now available HERE