I appreciate the great people I’ve met through this site, and am heartened by the many emails I receive regarding our designs/products – here are just a few.

I received the Cooler (Blow)box Kit and put it all together. After a few minor adjustments to my creative assembly, it worked as advertised. Then I took it on its first trip – in my airplane last week. We really needed it going into Scottsdale Airport when it was over 110F.  Whew!  Thanks again – it’s a great product!

Mike C.

Hi Bob,
Worked well this weekend, wife loves it.

Michael W.

have been using the Frankencooler and really enjoyed it.  hang it from my roof of the Cirrus blowing over the back seat not using any ducting….I like it so much cannot imagine flying without it anymore.

…Just got back from Oshkosh. Flew up there in some hot weather.  The cooler is absolutely amazing and keeps us cool. Both wife and just love it.

Duane B.

It is built, it works great!

Kim M.

Hi Bob,
got the Twin put together, filled it with ice and am trying it out for the first time. This is going to work great!

Anthony S.

Here’s a quick photo of the cooler in the bus last night. Worked fantastic!

Thanks again for all your help!


Bret Y.

Hey got everything in. Made the blowbox and it blows cold! Awesome little project. Great for the night shift where I’m stationed in a little shed with no a/c. Unlimited ice at work is a plus. Thanks for everything!

Thomas P.

Took me about an hour but super easy with the instructions, thank you! Have small mods left but everything works perfectly!


Jeffrey K

I would say this project was a success! People are really amazed with this cooler! Everyone asks me “How much did it cost?”. I haven’t tallied up the numbers yet, so I don’t really have an answer. The best route to go, IMO, is to buy the kits from you to simplify things. At first, I looked up the parts and discovered is just as economical (as well as quicker and easier) to purchase the kit from you.
Thanks again for all your help! You’ve been great! 😊

Ed B


I wanted to send my dearest thanks to you. The blowbox you built for me has been such a blessing. It works so well and I’m so grateful you took on my order. I was even able to bring it to the beach on a 90F+ day and it kept me cool for hours.
Thank you and I hope to do business with you again for another Frankencooler down the road. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay cool.

David G