Built Blowboxes

Because of the shelter-in-place orders in my home state of Arizona, I’ve had time to build a Blowbox for sale, and will possibly do more as long as this thing lasts.

When I have units for sale, they will be listed in the “Built Coolers” section in the heading. I’m an old guy with a bad back so I can’t do many.

Manufacturer Shipments Have Arrived – All Component Packages Now In Stock

I finally have quantities of all components in stock and am able to fulfill most orders within one business day. Free UPS shipping!

You may as well build something useful while at home – the heat is coming.

Ultra Compact Cooler AC

After hearing from golfers and pilots seeking an even smaller ice ac unit, I recently completed this smaller version of the Blowbox(TM).

Still utilizing multiple heat exchangers, powerful 4″ blower, marine pump, and variable-speed motor controller, this unit delivers the same cooling as its bigger brother, only in a smaller, lighter package (5.84 lbs. plus 1 lb for pump assy.)

Anyone can build this unit with our Blowbox component package by requesting this enclosure instead of the larger one.

Customer Frankencooler Builds

Here’s a few photos we’ve recently received. Frankencooler and Blowbox builders, send us your pics!

Frankencooler Extreme Temp Test