You’ve Got Questions

I receive a lot of emails asking questions about my coolers so I have created a FAQ section at the top of the right column addressing many of the most common. If you don’t see an answer to your question, contact me at

Double Blowbox

A Blowbox prototype featuring double blowers, single heat exchanger. I did this to see if slightly less-cool air in much greater volume would provide as good or better personal cooling as my regular single blower, multiple heat exchanger Blowbox.

In my opinion, the results do not justify the added complexity and expense, but with lower back pressure and twice the blowers, it puts out tons of air – albeit 20 degrees warmer than a regular Blowbox.

UPDATE: After extensive testing I’ve come to the conclusion that this is an effective cooling machine that puts out tons of air but without multiple heat exchangers, it’s just not a Frankencooler.

Stay tuned for the real thing –

Extreme Temperature Test

Testing my ice chest air conditioner on a hot, humid day over a period of 7 hours.

Notes: The cooler was holding 35 lbs of ice ( 3- 10lb blocks, 5lbs of cubes) and one gallon of water. No freezer bags were used which would have extended ice melt duration.
The actual outdoor temperature in the shade according to my infrared thermometer was 105 degrees (temp sensor under intake grill was in direct sun for a period, indicating 111). Humidity was 70% average.
The cooler was not moved or opened during the test. The camera was removed from the tripod and brought inside between takes.

Built Blowboxes

Time permitting, I will occasionally build a Blowbox for sale – when available they are listed under ‘Built Coolers’ in the header section above.

Save $$$ and build one yourself with our Compact Blowbox or regular Blowbox Component Packages, available under ‘Component Packages,’ above.

Ultra Compact Cooler AC

After hearing from golfers and pilots seeking an even smaller ice ac unit, I recently completed this smaller version of the Blowbox(TM).

Still utilizing multiple heat exchangers, powerful 4″ blower, marine pump, and variable-speed motor controller, this unit delivers the same cooling as its bigger brother, only in a smaller, lighter package (5.84 lbs. plus 1 lb for pump assy.)

Anyone can build this unit with our Blowbox component package by requesting this enclosure instead of the larger one.