Custom Aircraft Cooler

I wanted to share the excellent handiwork of my friend and neighbor, Yasutaka (Taka) who owns and pilots a Cessna 182.

Summers in Phoenix are torturous for pilots, and Taka wanted something that would provide short-term cooling for ground/taxi to altitude.

Starting with the Blowbox blower/heat exchangers engine, he engineered and fabricated a lightweight console that would fit between the seats of his plane and provide cold air streams via eyeball vents for front as well as rear passengers. This console also incorporates drink holders as well as Blowbox on/off switch, stepless blower speed controller, and digital temperature and voltage readouts. Taka also built a custom lightweight remote ice chest that sits in the rear baggage area.

A description of this build with parts links is here

What’s New For Frankencooler for 2021

As summer 2021 nears, for the first time ever I have built a small number of completed Blowbox units for sale for those who don’t wish to build one. The $200 premium provides incentive and beer for this old man to stand in his sweltering garage all day constructing these things : )

I also have built an AIR Battery Powered Remote unit, as well as the first prototype AIR unit utilizing the Blowbox design (below). By placing all of the machinery outside the cooler, this design provides twice the space for ice/water and minimizes the time and complexity of extensively modifying the cooler. I will be doing a video comparing these two coolers shortly. After making the video, I will be selling both units.

Revised Blowbox TWIN

Adding a larger pump makes a world of difference as the Blowbox TWIN outputs 44-degree air on a 113-degree Arizona afternoon.