New Frankencooler TWIN Express

Here’s a new model I have been working on featuring a vertical Blowbox cooling engine housed in a 20″ roll-around case. This arrangement uses gravity as well as blowers to more effectively expel condensation. Cooling is identical to the Blowbox TWIN – its only advantage is being less likely to suffer from airflow interruption due to condensation clogging in extremely hot, humid environments.

The final version will likely utilize the case shown in the first video coupled with the externally mounted ducts like the unit shown in the second video (not cover thumbnail photo) – this will allow for a smaller shipping box and longer ducts for improved air-focusing.

5/12 UPDATE: I have found homes for these prototype units. I am presently finalizing plans for a TWIN Express Component Package as well as pricing for built-to-order units. Because of the additional cost of the cases and modifying them for sale, as well as UPS shipping costs for the larger, heavier units, pricing will likely average around $30 – $50 more than the comparable TWIN packages. As such, I recommend people go with the TWIN if they are not in an extremely humid region.

What’s New For Frankencooler for 2021

As summer 2021 nears, for the first time ever I have built a small number of completed Blowbox units for sale for those who don’t wish to build one. The $200 premium provides incentive and beer for this old man to stand in his sweltering garage all day constructing these things : )

I also have built an AIR Battery Powered Remote unit, as well as the first prototype AIR unit utilizing the Blowbox design (below). By placing all of the machinery outside the cooler, this design provides twice the space for ice/water and minimizes the time and complexity of extensively modifying the cooler. I will be doing a video comparing these two coolers shortly. After making the video, I will be selling both units.

Revised Blowbox TWIN

Adding a larger pump makes a world of difference as the Blowbox TWIN outputs 44-degree air on a 113-degree Arizona afternoon.

Frankencooler And Blowbox Twin Comparison

Introducing The Blowbox TWIN

A limited quantity of TWIN component packages now available here