Ice Chest Air Conditioners – What Works And What Doesn’t

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  1. Hi Frankencooler Genius!
    This is so amazing!! I am going to try to make this to use with my asthmatic son when he has to accompany his siblings to hot track meets which last 5-6 hours! He has suffered so much and it is inconvenient to have to shuttle back and forth to the car to cool him down We have winded up in hospital ERs as a result of him being overheated. Enough said, are you sure a novice can create this? If so, could you please provide/email me where you got ALL of the supplies to make this? Im mot a technical person so im concerned I wont know where to get the items or how to put them together. I would be greatly appreciative if you could help me and willing to pay a fee.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hi Cordelia,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your son. While my cooler isn’t perfect, it puts enough cool air on a person to make being in extreme heat tolerable. The only shortcoming for your application is the fact the battery charge only lasts about 1 1/2 hours and these 4.0 batteries are relatively expensive at around $45 each.
      Making one of these definitely requires some mechanical aptitude, as it involves making various holes in a cooler, connecting power receptacle, blowers, switches, and pumps, and mounting/sealing/plumbing radiators. I would not advise it for individuals who are not really good with their hands.
      There are available cooler ACs on the market such as the Icy Breeze that will do what you need as long as you’re prepared to have a good supply of additional ice on hand (use blocks) and some extra batteries. This may be your best option.
      I should have detailed plans and even parts packages for my design on this site within a week or so.
      Good luck!

      1. Thank you very much! I told my uncle about your invention and he said he would make it for me once you post the plans. He said the constant need for ice un the icybreeze cooler would make that hard for us since we wont have the ability to restock the ice.

  2. Hi frankcooler,

    I would like to know where I can buy the water to air heat exchangers or the radiators ?

    1. Hi Jorge,
      I bought mine through Amazon – they have a lot to chose from. I will also be selling some shortly on this site if you can wait a few more days.

      1. oh yes i would really like to how how to source these as well do you have a link i could check out? i really dont know what to look for

      2. Plans and major components are available on this site. Outside of misc hardware like the metal outflow tubes and intake air grill which I get at Lowes/Home Depot, I get everything from Amazon.

  3. Just FYI, I have a factory built unit (name not used) that works well. I put 1 load of ice from my freezer in the bottom and use empty milk jugs, filled with water that I keep frozen as my main ice source. So when I’m finished I just take the heavy jugs out and refreeze them which also makes my a/c less heavy to lift. You have an excellent looking unit.

    1. Sorry, my spam filter for some reason intercepted this and I just noticed.
      Thanks for your comments, Tony. I know these units have to do a decent job, or they wouldn’t be in business.
      The frozen jugs idea is a good one.

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