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My most popular model Minus the battery box. Note: Make sure your power plug is rated at 10 amps or higher.

The Frankencooler Blowbox Twin is a revolutionary, compact design that can be used independently with any soft-sided cooler or lightly modified (drill 2 small holes) hard-sided cooler for hours of relief from blistering temperatures.

This cooler does everything the original Frankencooler does, only better – Faster, easier assembly, 95% complete, total separation of incoming hot air from ice/water, more ice capacity (no insulated divider or radiators taking space in your ice chest), and the small blower unit can be used remotely up to 4 ‘ away from the ice chest if needed. This design produces the coldest temperature differentials I’ve tested.

Airplane owners: These commonly available 4″ soft ducts can be used in place of the supplied aluminum ducts to route and deliver air anywhere in your cabin. No hardware needed, the spring coils are held tightly in place by the fluted plastic adapters.

This package includes all components as well as hardware, wires, wire connectors, stainless screws, and even zip ties needed to complete. Most individuals with average mechanical aptitude can complete this project in an afternoon.

Compare the Blowbox Twin to any purpose-built cooler AC on the planet – none can match its temperature differential, air velocity, variable speed, size, and versatility. My customers include numerous pilots including several small charter airlines, pet delivery companies, private investigators, long-haul truckers, classic car owners, art fair artists, sports families, campers, fishers, and others.

The Blowbox Twin comes with a 12′ corded 12V power plug.

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This package includes:

  • Nearly indestructible blue case w/all holes pre-drilled
  • High-quality Frankencooler™ heat exchangers & mounting hardware
  • Threaded, chromed solid copper fittings for heat exchangers
  • Two modified low amp, high-quality 200 CFM rated blowers modified for easy installation
  • High-flow marine pump
  • Custom injection molded ABS adapters
  • Stepless motor controller
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • 12′ long 12v fused power plug
  • Anderson Powerpole connector main power lead
  • Male and female barrel power plugs for pump connection
  • Two aluminum-screened inlet grills
  • Brass hose connections
  • Tees
  • Elbows
  • Tubing adapter
  • 3 sizes of tubing
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Lengths of red and black wire, assorted wiring connectors
  • Cable ties
  • Dual aluminum 24″ semi-rigid outflow tubes
  • Dual PVC reducers to accelerate and focus airflow. Equipped with aluminum bezels
  • Size: 15.75″ L x 11.25″ W (does not include approx. 3 – 4″ flexible water tubes exiting case) x 7.76″ H (w/o battery box), 10.25″ H (w/battery box mounted as I did). With aluminum outflow tubes installed, width is approx 28″ altogether.
  • Detailed Blowbox Twin build plans download with numerous diagrams and photos
  • My personal assistance, if needed
  • 30 days warranty on electrical/mechanical components
  • Total current draw – pump & dual blowers running at max speed: 7.5 amps
  • NOTE: Black and white “Blowbox” stickers are included. (Only units personally built by me feature the orange/black stickers for identification purposes)