Built Blowbox TWIN W/Wireless Remote – By Order Only


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The above unit features a smaller-than-normal battery box at the customer’s request

I will build you a Blowbox TWIN w/wireless on/off remote (includes 2 fobs) if you are not comfortable building my TWIN Component Package. Please allow for up to 2 business days for construction and testing. UPS shipping included.

NOTE: If item is shown out of stock please email me at fr***********@co*.net

These units are currently in use in numerous private planes as well as several small charter airlines. Other customers include long-haul truckers, classic car owners, private investigators, pet delivery services, campers, fishing boats, sports families, and more.

Airplane owners: These commonly available 4″ soft ducts can be used in place of the supplied aluminum ducts to route and deliver air anywhere in your cabin. No hardware needed, the spring coils are held tightly in place by the fluted plastic adapters.

In addition to coming with a 12′ long 12v power plug cord, the TWIN features a large battery box that will accommodate any lithium battery we offer, all the way up to 20Ah – good for approximately 10hrs + runtime.

The Blowbox TWIN does everything the original Frankencooler does, only better. Complete separation of incoming hot air and ice/water provides the coldest temperature differential possible, and the small head unit can be used remotely.

All Blowboxes require a separate soft or hard-sided cooler for ice/water supply. While this unit can be permanently mounted to the top of any medium to large hard-sided cooler creating an all-in-one unit, it can also be used remotely up to 4′ away from ice water source if needed. Modifications to a hard-sided cooler are only two 3/4″ holes through the rear upper wall – instructions with photos are included.

  • Nearly indestructible thick plastic case
  • Dual 200 CFM rated blowers
  • High flow marine pump with 4′ umbilical tubing allowing remote placement
  • Multiple heat exchangers
  • Quick-connect hose fittings
  • Wireless remote control with 2 fobs. Approximately 15′ range
  • Digital, stepless blower speed controller
  • Illuminated switch
  • 12′ 12V fused power plug cord
  • Battery box sized for up to our Bioenno 20Ah lithium iron phosphate power cell
  • Dual semi-rigid aluminum outflow tubes with air accelerators (shown below)
  • 30 days warranty on parts
  • Thoroughly tested – guaranteed non-DOA
  • Total current draw: pump & dual blowers: 7.5 amps

Unit looks exactly like this one