Built Frankencooler Blowbox By Order Only


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If you desire, I will build a Blowbox (either Compact or regular white case) if you are uncomfortable assembling our Blowbox Component Package. The $200 I charge to build this unit is a waste of money if you are handy, probably money well-spent if you are not.

NOTE: If item is shown out of stock please email me at fr***********@co*.net

Pair this with the ice chest of your choice and you’ve got cooling that absolutely blows away an Icy Breeze or any other commercially available ice-fueled cooler AC at any price.

Remember, the Blowbox requires either a soft-sided or lightly modified (2 – 3/4″ holes) hard-sided cooler to work.

Price includes UPS shipping to lower 48 US states only. We do not ship outside of the US.

The Blowbox Features:

  • Rugged enclosure with handle, internal storage tray
  • Powerful 200 CFM blower
  • Multiple high-quality heat exchangers
  • 10′ corded, fused 12V power plug
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Variable digital speed control
  • Separate high-quality, low amp marine pump with power plug, hoses
  • Optional power cell ready – the Blowbox will internally accommodate all of our lithium iron phosphate power cells, available HERE
  • Weight: 7.87 lbs + 1.5 lbs for pump assy.
  • Total amp draw – blower & pump: Approximately 5 amps
  • 30-day warranty on parts.
  • Every unit is thoroughly tested and guaranteed non-DOA – all sales final.

NOTE: You can build the Blowbox yourself using our Blowbox Major Component package and save $$$.