Frankencooler Blowbox


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Creating some room in my garage.

For sale: Blowbox prototype – used for product development and featured in the videos. Approximate 6 hours of use – may have some minor scars, scratches, etc.

Pair this with the ice chest of your choice and you’ve got cooling that absolutely blows away an Icy Breeze or any other commercially available ice-fueled cooler AC at any price.

Remember, the Blowbox requires either a soft-sided or lightly modified (2 small holes) hard-sided cooler to work.



Price includes UPS shipping to lower 48 US states. We do not ship outside of the US.

Blowbox Features:

  • Rugged enclosure with handle, internal storage tray
  • Powerful 200 CFM blower
  • Multiple high-quality heat exchangers
  • 10′ corded, fused 12V power plug
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Variable speed control
  • Separate high-quality, low amp marine pump with power plug, hoses
  • Optional power cell ready – the Blowbox will internally accommodate all of our lithium iron phosphate power cells, available HERE
  • Weight: 7.87 lbs + 1 lb for pump assy.
  • 30-day warranty on parts.