Built Blowbox TWINs

Over the last two years, the Blowbox TWIN has become by far my most popular model. Most individuals purchase the component package, but some would rather pay extra for a built, tested unit.

Please note that if you are handy, paying me $200 to build one of these is a total waste of money as it is not that difficult, but if you are not, it’s likely money well spent : )

Because I have neither time nor space to build these units for stock, I am now offering built Blowbox TWINs and Blowbox TWINs w/wireless remote by order only.

While my turnaround is usually a day or two, I ask that you allow 4 business days for construction and testing as I am very busy this time of year.

My customers include numerous pilots (even several small charter airlines), pet delivery companies, private investigators, long-haul truckers, sports families, campers, commercial fishing boats, classic car owners, and more. These things are ugly but they work 🙂

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