Frankencooler Major Component Package


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NOTE: You may also want to compare this package with the Blowbox TWIN. Both accomplish the same task, just in two different fashions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning the differences between them.

Over the last 4 years, I have evaluated countless components to build my ice chest air conditioners. This package is a grouping of the key parts I prefer for building a full-size, dual blower Frankencooler without breaking the bank.

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What’s included:

  • Frankencooler step-by-step build plans (upon payment the link is available on this site and can also be emailed to you) 
  • Password access to private Miscellaneous Parts and Supplies pages with product links to Home Depot, Amazon, and other vendors
  • 11″ X 5″ high-quality aluminum intake heat exchanger (similar to the one used in my grey and orange ultimate cooler)
  • 6″ X 4″ high-quality aluminum outflow heat exchangers (similar to the ones used in my grey and orange ultimate cooler)
  •  90-degree solid brass threaded fittings for all three heat exchangers
  • Threaded barbs for heat exchangers
  • Digital stepless motor controller
  • Bioenno battery power plug
  • 200 CFM low-amp modified water-resistant galvanized steel-banded marine blowers – available nowhere else
  • Illuminated switch
  • Low amp, low noise high-quality submersible marine pump
  • Aluminum screened outflow bezels
  • Personal technical help, if needed
  • Note: If you are using more than 12V for a power source, you will need to either use a 24V pump (they are pricey) or a step-down module on the pump circuit (inexpensive – Amazon). I am glad to delete the pump and credit my cost if you will not be using it.

What you will need to complete:

Cooler, several feet of wire, wire connectors, foam tape, small stainless screws, piece of foam board, vinyl tubing and fittings, Metal intake grill, battery box and/or 12V power plug, and two Deflecto aluminum dryer ducts.  Besides the cooler, battery box, and 12V power plug (all available on Amazon) the rest of this stuff is available at your local Home Depot or Lowes.