Frankencooler Major Component Package


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Over the last 4 years, I have tried numerous components to build my ice chest air conditioners. This package is a grouping of the key parts I have found work the best for building a full-size, dual blower Frankencooler as seen in my videos.

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What’s included:

  • Frankencooler step-by-step build plans (upon payment the link is available on this site and can also be emailed to you) 
  • Password access to private Miscellaneous Parts and Supplies pages with product links to Home Depot, Amazon, and other vendors
  • Your choice of 9″ X 8″ intake aluminum heat exchanger (same as my blue cooler), or 11″ X 5″ model (same size as one in gray and orange cooler) –  NOTE: The 9″ X 8″ model has less back pressure so I can provide a smaller pump providing slightly longer battery run times, while the 11″ X 5″ provides a more compact mounting choice.  Please specify choice
  • 2 – 6″ X 4″ aluminum outflow heat exchangers
  • 1 – Digital stepless motor controller
  • 2 – 230 CFM low-amp inline blowers with modified metal-banded bodies
  • 1 – Super low amp, quiet marine quality submersible pump
  • 2 – Aluminum outflow tube bezels
  • Personal technical help
  • NOTE: Please specify what you are using as a power source – 18 V Ryobi style battery, 12V power cell, or 12V lighter plug