A Big Tube In An Ice Chest Connected To A Blower

Every week I hear from people who who have already built an ice chest air conditioner yet are interested in building a Frankencooler(tm). The story is always the same: “In the video it looked like a good idea and it was cheap to build. It just didn’t work like I expected.”

From coolers containing a big snaking plastic tube hooked to a blower screwed to its side to giant coils of copper tube in front of box fans, you quickly find out the ‘good idea’ sucks as the ice quickly melts and the blowing air turns warm. There’s a good reason why office, home, and auto AC units blow air through a chilled aluminum or copper heat exchanger instead of employing a giant plastic tube immersed in Freon or chilled water.

The Frankencooler design isn’t magic – it utilizes the tried-and-true technology of chilling airflow that has been around for decades but does so in a way that is unique to any other portable ice water fueled cooler. Totally segregating airflow from ice/water storage provides the longest ice retention, while multiple heat exchangers work together to typically produce an incredible 50-degree temperature differential in 100+ degree temperatures. Regardless of price, no purpose-built cooler AC on the market can match Frankencooler’s effectiveness.

The downside to this kind of performance is the fact it’s more complicated and expensive than draping a big tube through a cooler, but the results speak for themselves. If you’re serious about escaping the heat, do it right the first time.

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