2023 Frankencooler News

With summer rapidly approaching, we are stocking a larger inventory of parts so we don’t continually run out of packages, as has happened over the last several years.

Our Blowbox models utilize custom adapters that allow us to create an extremely compact cooling engine. Up to this point, these adapters have been 3D printed, but over the winter we had molds made so that all adapters included in the Blowbox TWIN Component Packages are now super-strong injection molded ABS plastic. Their accurate sizing and trueness mean it is no longer necessary to silicone/glue gun seams between them and heat exchangers – a real time saver.

I continue to tweak parts and assembly instructions to improve performance and ease of building our component packages.

We now offer our excellent 120mm single and 240mm dual Frankencooler ™ heat exchangers individually. They come complete with hardware and even the threaded barbed fittings – something you must purchase separately with others on the market.

I am dropping the AIR and AIR Battery Remote component packages due to low demand as our pilot customers are overwhelmingly opting for the Blowbox models.

More news to come on this year’s offerings.

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