Compact Blowbox Component Package (purple case)


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The Frankencooler Blowbox is a revolutionary, compact design that can be used with any soft-sided cooler or pair with any lightly modified (drill 2 small holes) hard-sided cooler for hours of relief from blistering temperatures. This package utilizes our smallest case, making it ideal for limited spaces.

Our most complete package, requiring only a few inexpensive supplies from Home Depot/Lowes to finish (screws, wire & connectors, silicone). NOTE: As many people don’t have 4″ and 4.25″ hole saws, if requested, I will pre-drill these in your case.

NOTE: The Compact Blowbox Component Package comes with a 10′ corded 12V power plug and can accommodate an optional 4.5 AH Bioenno power cell internally which will power it for 1.5 – 2 hrs. For longer runtimes, build the regular Blowbox, as its taller case will accommodate our Bioenno power cells up to 15ah –  providing all-day cooling.

Compare the Blowbox to any $600 purpose-built cooler AC on the planet – they can’t match its temperature differential, air velocity, variable speed, size, and versatility.

For more information on the Blowbox, see OUR VIDEO

Compact BB video: Here

BB ice melt test with soft-sided cooler video: HERE

BB ice melt test with hard-sided cooler video: HERE

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This package includes:

  • Rugged compact Blowbox case
  • High-quality heat exchangers & mounting hardware
  • Threaded, chrome solid copper fittings for heat exchangers
  • Low amp, high-quality powerful blower
  • Low amp, high-quality marine pump
  • Custom made adapters
  • Motor controller w/remote switch
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • 12′ long 12v fused power plug
  • Small male power plugs
  • Small female power plugs
  • Aluminum air inlet bezel
  • Brass hose fittings
  • Tees
  • Elbows
  • Adapters
  • Small vinyl tubing
  • Large vinyl tubing
  • Aluminum semi-rigid outflow tube
  • PVC reducer cone
  • Aluminum outflow bezel
  • Detailed Blowbox build plans with over 35 photos/diagrams
  • My personal assistance, if needed
  • NOTE: Black font “Blowbox” stickers are included. Only units built by me feature the orange/black stickers for identification purposes.