Frankencooler AIR Major Component Package – Remote Controlled, Battery Powered


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Save money on this grouping of major components needed to build a lightweight single blower Frankencooler powered by a 12V power cell with remote control.

Video of AIR:

Now with high-quality, flat-surfaced rectangular heat exchangers for easier fitting and installation and threaded solid copper 90-degree fittings for easier and tighter routing of hoses.

6/7/20 – Added watertight junction box for easier placement of remote module and switch (similar to my setup in the video) – this addition is reflected in a slight price increase.

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What’s included:

  • Frankencooler build plans will be available for download upon payment.
  • Password access to private Miscellaneous Parts and Supplies pages with product links to Home Depot, Amazon, and other vendors
  • 1 – Watertight battery box for 4.5 Ah 12V power cell
  • 1 – Watertight junction box for remote module and switch placement
  • 1 – Remote control module w/2 remote fobs
  • 1 – Illuminated switch
  • 1- Digital motor controller
  • 1 – 6″ X 4″ aluminum intake heat exchanger
  • 1 – 6″ X 4″ aluminum outflow heat exchanger
  • 4-  90-degree threaded heat exchanger fittings
  • 4 – Threaded barb heat exchanger fittings
  • 1 – 200 CFM low-amp modified water-resistant galvanized steel-banded marine blower – Frankencooler exclusive
  • 1 – low-amp submersible pump
  • 1 – Outflow tube reducer (accelerates and focuses airflow)
  • 1 – Outflow bezel
  • 1 – Intake grill
  • Personal technical assistance

Note: I suggest the wheeled Coleman 28 QT cooler for the AIR – it is the same model featured in my videos and widely available for usually less than $40.