Frankencooler AIR With Wireless Remote

I completed a wireless remote-controlled AIR single blower cooler a couple weeks ago. It is equipped with a super high quality 4.5Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) power cell. The wireless remote works great with a range of over 20′ and the battery and module only adds around a pound to this lightweight unit.

The only thing I am still playing with is fan speed. With no step-down, the blower runs at full speed (tons of airflow but fairly loud), so I am experimenting with varying epoxy-encapsulated voltage reducers to find a good compromise between airflow and noise.

I plan on making a video of cooling and duration tests of both AIR coolers when I have some free time in the near future.

In response to requests, I am still considering selling completed AIR units if I can do so at a reasonable profit (ie: building one in hours versus days) – we’ll see.

AIR Remote 1   AIR Remote 2

2 thoughts on “Frankencooler AIR With Wireless Remote”

  1. I believe you have a great cooler that makes sense! Bring to market in two forms. DIY and ready built for lazy or busy folk like me. You will not get rich but could be a nice hobby. Thanks

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