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    I’m a big fan of your cooler designs. Compared to what I’ve seen over the years most wouldn’t last 30 minutes out here in the desert. The use of the radiators is ingenious for these coolers. I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

    What size tubing works best and does more flow give you better cooling?

    Did you make a manifold to split the water flow to each radiator?

    I thought about using 6s lipo`s and running a 12v voltage regulator to see if that might extend the run time…..I’ll kept you posted.


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    Thanks for your comments.
    The pumps I use are strong enough that I’ve never seen a performance difference between 1/2″ to 5/8″ (or 3/4″) tubing. Also, I’ve seen no advantage to using $$$ all copper radiators, versus inexpensive aluminum ones – it’s a waste of money.

    Too slow of flow creates colder air temps but faster ice melt. Too fast of flow usually translates to a hotter running pump and higher amp draw. I prefer to use higher voltage marine pumps underdriven (24V pump running on 12 or 18V)

    I bought the black closed manifolds – Home Depot carries them.

    Runtime is easy to accomplish through bigger power cells – the challenge is ice melt times. The only way to lengthen that is to isolate and insulate the ice/water compartment (which my design does) and simply arrange things so you can use more ice.


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    Thanks for the confirmation Bob. I sat down with a mechanical engineer the other day and got into a huge discussion if thermodynamics and airflows…..to sum it up he said just experiment.haha so much for that help.

    The best advice I received was keep your ice as long as possible. Good or best cooler available. Air flows or bigger radiator surfaces won’t make enough difference. More flow less efficient, less flow less efficient, figure that out.

    I’m just about done cutting my top out. I’ll keep you posted on the lipis I use and how they last.


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